simulationHub: Designing and Developing Industry-Specific Vertical Applications

CIO Vendor The Indian market has been witnessing quite a positive growth over the few years due to the increasing need for Simulation Software. Simulation can aid designers, engineers, and other project-officials in every possible manner without using any physical asset nor recurring any loss to the company. Moreover, Simulation technology is gaining the needed momentum due to the spread of COVID-19; obviously, because safety has been the utmost necessity for every designer and worker. The most beneficial advantage can be the actual time and money that can be saved by creating real-time simulation scenarios.

Although industries such as aerospace, automotive, and chemical are reaping its benefits, there are many other industries, which still require simulation technology, but either cannot afford it, or lack the technical expertise to make optimum use of it.

Thus, emphasizing in this current scenario, one company that has been designing and developing simulation tools that will perfectly fit the requirement of the Indian market is simulationHub. Established in 2014, simulationHub has come all the way to becoming one of the renowned entities in the CFD domain due to its web apps, which are cloud-based, user-friendly, affordable, and quality-driven. The company has arguably the best-fitted solution if we look at the price-sensitivity of the Indian market. simulationHub has been acting upon the specific requirements of their clients, and all the applications are designed and developed considering the utmost requirements. Their offering comprises an array of CFD simulation web apps, which are developed on a first of its kind web-based service platform - simulationHub Web services – which clearly understands every specific industry designing needs to its core.

“We have been providing CFD simulation apps for designers with customized workflow for specific industry problems. We aid our clients in fully reaping the benefits of cloud-based CFD technology by providing them with the ability to perform multiple CFD simulations on their design iterations in a short time. Nothing demonstrates the power of simulationHub apps more than its real-world affordability, user-
friendliness and effectiveness,” highlights Sandip Jadhav, Co-Founder and CEO, simulationHub.

Bringing True Value for Clients
simulationHub currently hosts three web apps in the domains of valves, building design and external wind comfort, and generic simulations.

For the valve industry, simulationHub removes all the limitations to bring forth the power of CFD simulation in the hands of valve designers and manufacturers. simualtioHub’s Autonomous Valve CFD App workflow is crafted considering a designer as a focal point where the fully customized workflow takes the known inputs from the designer and generates a ready-to-use valve performance report. The 3D CFD results generated by the app significantly helps the designers to understand the fluid flow behavior inside the valve, and design the valve for better performance. With the fleet of cloud computing clusters, the results are generated within minutes and help designers evaluate different design variations and operating scenarios. Whether its generation of various valve performance curves such as coefficient of flow, dynamic torque coefficient, fluid flow visualization, or complete CFD report in PDF, it does all the calculations automatically in less than 30 minutes. The company also offers a must-have app for architects, environmental engineers, and urban planners, designated under ‘Pedestrian Comfort Analysis’. This app perfectly evaluates pedestrian wind comfort and safety in an urban environment, where new building projects are being carried out. Finally, their portfolio comes with the most easy-to-use upfront CFD app built for product designers, innovators, and enthusiasts. It deals with a generic simulation that evaluates a product’s performance quickly and easily.

SimulationHub removes all the limitations to bring forth the power of CFD simulation in the hands of manufacturers

All their apps come with subscription and follow a pay-as-you-grow model. And to speak about their current endeavor, simulationHub has been trying to integrate various next-gen technologies, including AI and ML, to bring forth the utmost benefit out of its CFD Simulation platform.