Ramyam Intelligence Lab - Enriching Client’s Customer Experience through ‘enliven CEM’

CIO Vendor The applications that run businesses are undergoing insightful changes. There is also a lot of inertia in the system, as we examine some of the key trends — including cloud adoption, mobility, consumerization and business analytics — that are shaping tomorrow's enterprise software landscape.Enterprise Software market is still booming as those data volumes that enterprises created over the years grew exceedingly and needed much huge systems like Big Data Products to leverage the intelligence out of the voluminous data. Tapping into this huge well of opportunity is Ramyam Intelligence Lab, that provides premium customer experience management (CEM). Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, Ramyam Intelligence Lab with MV Balasubrahmanyam as the CEO, delivers solutions for superior customer experience management, helping the service providers take informed decisions.

Enriching Client’s Customer Experience through ‘enliven CEM’

Ramyam’s enterprise Software enliven CEM has an edge being an enterprise grade, cateringcustomer experience management across a wide range of industry verticals by understanding the customers’ behaviors with the businesses at the same time offering personalized, time context based experiences to the end customers. Without failing to mention, Ramyam has implemented complete Customer Engagement Platform for Telecom, Retail and Healthcare. Visible business ROIs were achieved in tune with their overall business approach.

“Ramyam Intelligence Lab is working with a plethora of customers in each industry vertical. Ramyam strives to address all the CEM imperatives to achieve good business ROIs thereby addressing the CEM gapfor each and every customer,” says MV Balasubrahmanyam.
Ramyam’s remarkable approach reduces the cost of new customer acquisition, giving way to increased customer retention and eventually uplift in the brand loyalty across customer barriers.

Testimonial to Ramyam’s Expertise
INDUSTRY : Telecom

The customer - mobile telecommunications company based out of UK, was looking for a potential partner specifically to bridge the lack of Integration within backend business operations and gain holistic customer insight. The intent was toimmediately identify opportunities (loyalty, churn, Lifecycle state) for contextual cross-sell and up-sell to have a proactive reachout –Fact based retention strategy.

The business benefit envisaged would be to reduce dependency on complex processes and tools to direct contact center agent towards the problem resolution.

Implemented enliven CEM®, An integrated enterprise product with powerful engine in the backend enabling ease of Integration across disparate source system to create correlated holistic view of customer. Once we profile each customer, enliven runsadvanced analyticsfor identification and classification of profiles fromlifecycle state, Churn propensity, Network Quality of Experience and many more; creating and delivering contextual Next Best Action through relevant touch point i.e. outbound interaction @ contact center, Email, SMS, App notification proactively enabling Last mile delivery. To summarize, enliven CEM is a Next Generation Enterprise product enables closed loop End to End customer engagement.

Ramyam Intelligence Lab measures the effectiveness of the engagement initiative of platform through our intuitive dashboard and reports. Ramyam has been building reputation with clients ranging from JustBake to Wipro, and the CEM offerings are poised to extend its capabilities and services across industries to help bridge the gap present in businesses in terms of understanding the customer’s expectations.