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CIO Vendor In today’s developed economies, e-commerce represents the latest driver of change in the logistics industry. Moreover with the escalating need of addressing the data security risks, customers’ information safety is a must. Thus for data exchange at a global level, companies require a safer way of exchanging data through an online ecosystem, using secure standard protocols, establishing the right EDI’s and connecting all on a cloud platform. Satisfying the quest is New Age Software & Solutions, based in Dubai, having its primary R&D center in Chennai, with more than 250 clients, and a user base spread in over 40 countries.

Furnishing Freight & Logistics industry with ecommerce solutions through eFreightSuite

With around 40 percent of the staff having industry experience, focusing on logistics advancements, and 50 percent at the crossroads of technology and industry, NewAge understands the freight business from all possible dimensions. Being one of the early adopters of Cloud based delivery models, NewAge caters Cloud enabled applications and solutions, thereby allowing small and mid-sized businesses to leverage its platforms with minimal IT investments. Moreover the Data Insights capabilities of NewAge aid in enhancing the client’s experience by accomplishing on demand BI visibility for timely decision making, and introduction of optimum checks and balances to enhance business results.
A group of Freight & Logistics industry champions and Technology enthusiasts, NewAge brings to the table its flagship product: the most comprehensive multi-module, integrated, web-enabled end to end ERP Solution for the Freight and Logistics Industry, eFreightSuite™. “Based on deep process knowledge, NewAge has the industry’s best practices embedded in its software work flows and offers EDI capabilities with the Ports, Airlines, Shipping lines and Customs in multiple countries,” says Pankaj Giroti, CEO at NewAge Software & Solutions. Moreover, the Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) empowers its clientele to enhance warehouse and distribution operations by combining state-of-the-art optimization techniques with the overall end-to-end process of logistics fulfillment, driving productivity through greater transparency across the value chain.

Throttle, the next generation Transportation Management Solution (TMS) of NewAge possesses configurable workflows with controls, alerts and approval mechanisms and seamlessly integrates with GPS service providers, Google maps for routing details, Fuel stations, and NHAI for real-time toll data. The company offers pre-built specialized versions for various transportation business segments, like long haul operations, secondary (hub & spoke) distributions, eCommerce Logistics, and parcel service, to name a few.

NewAge, being the first software provider to offer a fully integrated NVOCC module having EDI capabilities with Principals, Agents and the Ports, ensures complete end to end visibility of inventory and tracking of containers. “A rich library of reports built specifically for the NVOCC operators gives the management information on demand and allows proactive timely corrective decisions.” adds Pankaj.

The Road Ahead
With a continuous focus on innovation, NewAge presently invests 10-12 percent of its revenues each year in research and development and further plans on enhancing and innovating the Digital framework, while adding stronger capabilities to its products. With the rapid consumerization of IT outside the traditional boundaries of the enterprise, the company is investing in digital innovations with the motive to uniquely position itself to partner with its clients in transforming their Freight and Logistics business models to be digitally enabled.