Mindscape Computing- Digitizing the Stores to Reinvent the Me- Commerce Manifesto

CIO Vendor Today, the millennial shopper seeks an uninterrupted and delightful experience from the moment a need to shop arises to the point of fulfilment. Shoppers expect the convenience and freedom of omni-channel shopping which makes the offline and online integration a must. Consumers seek new levels in personalization – i.e Me Commerce. This requires that store associates must have all the relevant product information and personal consumer preference insights during customer interaction. More importantly, the store must be ready to offer an engaging digital In-store brand experience. Customers must be able to live the brand when they visit the store. Addressing this gap and noticing this wind of change in consumer shopping trends, a new retail enterprise product OLABI was introduced by Mindscape computing.

Digitizing the Stores to Reinvent the Me-Commerce Manifesto

OLABI’s powerful features
Olabi is a new age retail information supply chain that is poised to usher in the Me-Commerce revolution. By providing an out of the box real time digital refresh to the brick & mortar stores, it enables the stores to address the expectations of millennial shoppers. Olabi is built to address the present and future business need of modern retail.
Olabi includes innovations like Endless Aisles, Omni Channel and Aisle 360 (Smart device based Shopping experience in the aisles) give millennial shoppers a shopping experience that will keep them returning to the store.

Olabi has been constructed to resolve every functional need of the millennial retailer, delivered through a thoughtfully architected construct that has 4 parts - Retail Operating System addressing Store Transactions Control, Me Commerce providing for meaningful in store consumer – brand engagement, Retail Collective enabling quick integration of new digital innovations and Retail Economics that focuses on ensuring the store operates profitable.

Being Cloud hosted, Olabi provides 24x7 visibility and operational control over every aspect of retail store network and helps retailers deliver a seamless consumer experience. Olabi’s has been developed using the latest mobile first technology stack allowing retailers to use both browser and mobile device apps to manage their business needs.

Rewards of Experience
Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, with Sunil Kunders as the Founder & CEO, Mindscape computing is defined by its singular focus on Retail and the ethics that drives the team to be knowledgeable and reliable partner to the retail companies. This has earned Mindscape, two decades of intensive experience in developing insight driven Retail Enterprise Management Solutions.

Mindscape’s commitment to developing high-end retail business solutions using innovative technologies combined with a sheer dedication to place the customers at the centre of everything makes Mindscape a long term partner some of the leading brands in India including GAP, Aeropostale, Calivin Klein, USPA, Canon, Raymond Weil, Enamor and others. With over 25 years of experience in providing Retail Enterprise Management software to businesses in a variety of retail verticals, Mindscape Computing will continue to bestow best-in-class software and professional services to meet the future needs of today’s growing and variant Retail market.