Jeevan Infotech-Helping clients stay FIT in the Combative Market Space

CIO Vendor The Apparel and Textile industry unlike others see a variation every minute and with rising competition and reduced timelines, the domain is stressing on the importance of an ERP solution that meets the specific needs of the dynamic business. Given the sea of ERP providers in the market, the need of the hour is a vendor who is capable of providing an ERP solution that will not only solve business challenges but also seamlessly support rapid sales as the business grows. The real winner however, would be the one whose software would adapt itself to the business and not the other way round.

Helping clients stay FIT in the Combative Market Space

Headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Jeevan Infotech proffers FIT-ERP (Finish In Time). FIT-ERP collects, processes, automates information from all lines of business and shares it across departments. FIT-ERP includes diagnostic tools that are designed to assist companies in addressing the full spectrum of process management issues. Furthermore, the solution enables all of these features in a centralized data server using a Web-Enabled Interface. “We are the only company to have backward integration for processing textile, fabric integration and garment
production and also supply chain management for warehousing and distribution,” says Shanmuga Sundaram, Director.

Since its launch in 2003, FIT-ERP has been used by more than 250 customers around the globe and serves not only the manufacturing and production departments but also warehousing and distribution. The Company’s web enabled supply chain enables clients to manage distribution warehouses by providing facilities for content management, bar-coding of locations and handling remote warehouses through applications and browsers.

Faster Implementation to Realize Faster ROI
Helping SMBs to control the production and estimate the efficiency of the production lines, Jeevan has been helping business realize their true potential. “The reason our customers favor us is not just because of our in-built query reporting system and VDI interface, but also the time with which we implement the solution. We get the job done within a matter of two to three months unlike our competitors, who would take up to a year,” says Shanmuga. This efficacy has led to Jeevan’s clients in achieving faster ROI while curbing excess costs. Having incorporated several levels of security, the product ensures that the team in a particular type of business can view information pertaining only to the specific department, thus validating privacy. Along the same line, each department can customize the dashboard templates and widgets. “The core ERP product has inbuilt multilingual application which can be deployed in the client’s choice of language. Moreover, the product has automated email and SMS alerts,” adds Shanmuga.

Having maintained a strong foothold in the domain for over 20 odd years, Jeevan Infotech have had their share of success stories in dealing with oversea projects and mining projects. Coupled with victorious instances and domain experience, the company has its unwavering focus on spreading its roots deeper in to the International Market.