Bodh Tree - Providing Greater value and Better Customer Experience through Flexible Business Models

CIO Vendor As the global appeal of art continues to grow, a company sought to create a marketplace for potential buyers and sellers around the world. Bodhtree enabled an e-commerce platform that provides the opportunity to buyers and sellers to showcase artwork and perform transactions. This platform builds trust with the art community through transparency and complete accessibility. The platform is automated, self-standing, robust and scalable. With Bodhtree’s solution, this company removed traditional bottlenecks in the art marketplace, bringing global artists and potential buyers closer than ever before. Bodhtree, headquartered in California, U.S with Rama Krishna as the MD, is a global IT service provider that enables enterprises to transform the business using the power of cloud, analytics and digital solutions by streamlining key business processes by deploying enterprise applications, integrating applications with their IT infrastructure and maintaining them, so that business users can focus on strategic organizational priorities.

Bodhtree has implemented Sales cloud for managing leads, account and contacts. Further, Salesforce1 was enabled for tablets/ mobile devices to allow field force to access business information on the go. The solution also automated check-in functionality (Geotagging) to track the field force’s daily movement and activities.

Enterprises implement Oracle SalesCloud so that teams can focus on customers and revenue, leaving the rest to automation. Midas, Bodhtree’s ETLE Tool (Extraction, Transformation, Loading and Enrichment) enables a fully integrated lead-to-quote and order-to-cash process flow for all CRM users. The tool delivers business object level integration from Oracle Sales Cloud to SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and other ERPs in the market.
Resultantly, organizations reduce development costs, increase automation, and minimize risk associated with conflicting, inaccurate or missing data. As a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, Bodhtree’s Salesforce value proposition is aimed at delivering benefit to the customers in areas like- i) Rapid and cost – efficient deployments of both sales cloud and service cloud solutions and ii) Global strengths in on-demand staffing.

Providing Greater value and Better Customer Experience through Flexible Business Models

Executive dashboards fuelling future growth for a leading pharmaceutical firm
Bodhtree has partnered with Tableau - an intuitive, drag-and-drop analytics tool that lets the client to visualize the business data quickly and easily. With a number of clients looking to adopt user-friendly BI applications and analytics tools to create KPI-specific dashboards for their power users, functions and leadership, Bodhtree helped a global pharmaceutical firm in transforming their data into metrics-driven executive dashboards that provide the depth and dimension required to measure business performance. Using Tableau, an advanced visualization tool, Bodhtree built dashboards that combine data from internal and external sources in the same view, and allowed the key management personnel to get a comprehensive view of the business. With such accomplishments on the line, Bodhtree nimbly takes advantage of emerging opportunities to adapt to the changing market conditions and aims to become a CMM level 5 company and become a customer company enabling technology that helps customers build a global, secure and scalable enterprise