Acess Meditech- Streamlining Insurance Operations with Web Enabled ERP System ‘TOSHFA’

CIO Vendor With today’s Modern emerging technological innovations being more focused on mobility, reliability, agility and urgency; a perceptive change in demand for the Enterprise Software Solutions has taken place. The ERP systems now days aim to improve the enterprise's productivity and efficiency by providing business logic support functionality with considerable IT Cost Savings, increased business operational return of investment and improved customer service; making them most favorable option. Revolutionizing the operational processes of insurance industry by its one-stop solution is Hyderabad based Acess Meditech.AMTPL intends to lead the market by sufficing the need of Insurance Industry with its advanced solutions to cater mobility, business intelligence/ analytics and digitalization.

Streamlining Insurance Operations with Web Enabled ERP System ‘TOSHFA’

TOSHFA, the web enabled Integrated Health Insurance Management ERP system of Acess Meditech Private Ltd. (AMTPL) that can be used by Health Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Managed Care Organizations (MCO); takes care of all the end-to end processes of Medical Insurance Companies.

“The hallmark of the product is its robust seamlessness, high user- friendliness with high mobility which is adept with the upcoming process oriented and regulatory demands of the Insurance Market.” says Syed Aijazuddin, Managing Director of Acess Meditech.
Being capable of detecting fraud and exploitation of insurance data, Toshfa helps the payers to increase operational efficiency innovatively, reduce expenses by speeding up the automation of quotations conversion to policy and speeding up of claim processing as per the policy terms and conditions without losing accuracy and any manual involvement

Toshfa supports the whole spectrum of core insurance related functions including client administration, policy, Pre-authorization,Claims Management, and various Re-insurance arrangement and handling, billing and collection of payments- all combined within a multi-currency, multi-login on a real time basis, with their respective multi-user. Moreover, to reduce process complexity including cost, Acess Meditech caters an advanced e-portal allowing its users to handle and carry their insurance business more effectively than any conventional enrollment process. “While proactively managing compliance we are focused in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty with better services.” adds Aijazuddin.
AMTPL, the provider of full continuum Software Services, specializes in the several areas in General & Medical lines of businesses; with Product & Proprietary re- engineering methodologies, Web-based information communication & interface technologies, Business process and outsourcing services, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Robust BI tools specialized for the insurance & healthcare industry being few of them.

Future Docket
Driven by the philosophy and passion, the company has a budding work culture with inquisitive, interactive and committed minds. AMTPL aims to be innovative and abreast with the changing IT demands to provide outstanding customer experience and bring a change in the insurance industry and thus plans to expand its international boundaries across the globe with health and general lines of products and services and foresees opportunistic growth based on the budding lucrative and regulated global markets in the years to come. Moving ahead, Acess Meditech claims to be prepared with its flexible as well as integrated Toshfa architecture that aids in generating business intelligence reports and anticipates to make all of its products into Mobile based applications(for Android, IPhone etc.) in the upcoming years.