Intellileap Solutions - Enhancing Organizations’ Process Management through IntelliPro BPMS

CIO Vendor The currenteconomic climate suggests that companies demand higher productivity, better cost control, and improved risk management to cope with frequent market variations and increasing competitive pressure. The secret to achieving operational excellence & business growth lies in the underlying process framework which has to be well managed. Business Process management, for that matter, exactly sets a standard remedy for all such challenges that the modern day Enterprise is facing. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, with Vignesh Hebbar as the CEO, Intellileap Solutions is a global product company, led by intellectually driven enthusiasts committed to provide the much needed technological and business edge to the enterprises.

Enhancing Organizations’ Process Management through IntelliPro BPMS

The various components of the IT infrastructure of an Enterprise often don’t interact with each other leading to process related problems. “BPM helps and brings everyone together through a common platform, so that they can talk to each other,” says Vignesh. After three and a half years of hardwork and skills put in by Intellileap’s architects and developers, Intellileap’s flagship BPMS suite, IntelliPro BPMS aims to transform the way Enterprises run business processes.
Its process centric methodologies allows users to start building complex applications without any complex or advanced levels of training, which earns it an alternate name- Rapid Application Development Framework. For compliance, a process solution needs to follow accepted international standards defined by BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) as well. The Process Composer in IntelliPro BPMS enables process designers, developers and technical architects to develop processes that may be relevant from time to time.

Making changes to the process as & when required, is made quite simple by IntelliPro BPMS & that adds agility to the entire operational landscape which is otherwise said to be too rigid& inflexible. Moreover, the entire product is built on HTML5, and hence it can be accessed from anywhere and through any device (tablets, smartphones). Compliances, regulations, and corporate governance requirements can be taxing and time-consuming. Using IntelliPro BPMS, time and costs can be kept on check. A solution is effective when it is within reach and flexible to purchase. Keeping this in mind, Intellileap makes IntelliPro BPMS’ comprehensive solution available as an on-demand Platform-as-a-Service offering. Intellileap bestows its customers with strategic combinations of leading processes and work flows with innovative strides in social collaboration, enterprise mobility and cloud computing.

Awarded as the best startup by CeBIT and Infosys, Intellileap strives to expand and grow manifold. “We are looking to get a good foothold on a fair number of geographies; strong presence in the US and also wide presence in the Middle East and the Southeast Asia.“ says Vignesh. With this goal, Intellileap hasbeen collaborating with several System Integrators to build a solid network. “In the next 5 years we are looking forward to implement IntelliPro BPMSin at least 30 Fortune 500 companies and are inclined to acquire at least 300 to 400 customers,“ adds Vignesh. As a reflection of Vignesh’s determination, Intellileap will continue to make businesses smarter by adding agility to the business whilst leveraging and utilizing the existing resources optimally and thus, helping them achieve growth, efficiency and profitability.